Business Consulting

Solid Smart is focused on helping businesses derive greater benefit from their resources.  We accomplish this by applying our experience and expertise in the areas of marketing, strategy, product management, product development, business processes, computer software and communications technology.

Some of our recent engagements include helping a regional financial lender improve their marketing yield and reengineering an Internet merchant’s product strategy, website, and marketing approach.

Software Development and Application Deployment

With over 70 years of combined experience in applying technology to solve business problems, Solid Smart is well positioned to help large and small companies solve improve themselves by utilizing the latest in computer and software technology.  Our services include problem definition, solution requirements, and product specifications; software development, testing, deployment, and support; and deployment and integration of standard software components into overall business solutions.

A sample project is the specification, development, and deployment of a new business inventory management and accounting system to support natural resources companies in managing specialized inventory.

Internet E-Commerce, Marketing, and Websites

Internet commerce is a critical portion of almost all companies relationship with their customers.  Solid Smart helps companies understand their online strategy and objectives, whether it is to establishing a brand, marketing their products and services, providing customer service, establishing an international presence, or conducting E-commerce online.   By systematically developing an online strategy for businesses, we make sure that your website and online marketing accomplish their objectives.   

Some website developers create a permanent dependency from their clients that require continued expenditures whenever the client needs minor modifications or product changes to their website.  Our approach can help businesses establish an online strategy and website that can be maintained by the customer minimizing ongoing expense.  We utilize the latest E-commerce technology  that can be customized to allow each business to do as much or as little of the ongoing maintenance of the online products and website as they desire.   Of course, we are always available to help if needed.

 A recent project was the creation and deployment of a new E-Commerce Storefront to help a struggling merchant drastically increase their online business while at the same time establishing a methodology whereby the merchant can manage their online store to minimize out-of-pocket expenses.

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